School and Student Accountability

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The Department of School and Student Accountability leads the implementation of VCUSD's instructional program by building educators and systems to increase student achievement in the city of Vallejo. Our goal is to transform our city into a destination place for STEM industry by:

* supporting the rigorous implementation of all core curriculum

* creating and implementing dual-purpose STEAM Curricula for ALL STUDENTS (K-12)

* increasing the instructional effectiveness of all instructional staff through high-quality professional development

* building and strengthening meaningful symbiotic partnerships with STEM industries and higher education

This department is also responsible for monitoring students’ academic and social progress, and the recognition and celebration of excellence among students and staff members.

Due to the interest in the online modules and requests for professional growth units, we will offer the online PD modules through April 15 for professional growth units.  This opportunity is for units only, not for payment.  The Professional Growth application has been submitted and approved on behalf of all teachers.


Requirements for documentation of work/completion are available at this site. Participants may not complete modules that they have already submitted for pay.


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Professional Development November 21 and 22, 2016



















Karen James

Director                                                                   School and Student Accountability
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Christine Lissner

Secretary                                                School and Student Accountability                                                                                                               Ext. 50023            



Laura Doyel

Secretary                                                    School and Student Accountability                                               Ext. 50245