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The Academic Achievement and Accountability Division ensures that students are equipped with academic and life skills needed to become productive citizens. 

  • The Elementary and Special Education Departments provide leadership to schools so each of our students will learn and successfully reach their goals. 
  • The Department of School and Student Accountability supports the implementation of regular academic progress, leads the consistent monitoring of students' academic and social progress, and celebrates excellence among students and staff members.  This department facilitates After-school programming, ACLU compliance, Student Services, District-wide assessment, and Research coordination.
  • The Department of Categorical Programs contributes towards the economic sustainability of the District by monitoring funding and compliance for special programs. 
  • The Technology and Information Department focuses on maintenance and improvement of systems and equipment that contribute to engaging learning environments. 

These five departments focus their daily efforts on the District goals in the areas of equity, excellence, educational effectiveness and economic sustainability.   

School Accountability and Report Cards

The Vallejo City Unified School District is required to provide information to the community about Vallejo schools to allow the public the ability to evaluate and compare schools for student achievement, demographics, and other pertinent information.  Below is the link for Schools Accountability Report Cards.


School Accountability Report Cards

Parent Information for California Common Core Standards

Parents want to know, "What kinds of things will my child learn in mathematics and English language arts?" and "How can I help my child be successful in school?"

These brochures offer parents an overview of what students will learn at each level. They include examples and resources that parents can use to support their child's educational growth. 

Academic Achievement and Accountability Accomplishments: 2015-2016

Accomplishments: 2015-2016

Academic Achievement and Accountability Division


21st Century Learning

  • Enhanced the K-8 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Program through the infusion of additional staffing, refined curriculum, and additional site level labs
  • Enhanced A-G instructional programs in alternative programs through technology
  • Created standardized K-5 Grade Books in AERIES with embedded common formative assessments
  • Infused technology software, such as Revolution K-12, Imagine Learning, and EduTyping into classrooms to support learning
  • Infused additional technology hardware, iPads, laptops, etc. to support student learning
  • Enhanced technology for preschool, kindergarten prep and kindergarten


Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum

  • Professional development and site level support increased implementation of California Common Core Standards
  • Trained 100% of teachers in K-12 Math Program
  • Established a K-12 recommendation for new English Language Arts instructional materials
  • Publicly celebrate schools and teachers for performance aligned to goals
  • Provided strategic support to sites to enhance student performance on state and local assessments


Full Service Community School

  • Expansion of student mental health services


Active Parent and Community Involvement

  • Provided training and support for parents aligned to State Assessments and use of the Parent Portal and VCUSD App
  • Engaged parent leaders through Parent Councils and Districtwide events
  • Facilitate the engagement of all stakeholders to develop the Local Control Accountability Plan


Positive School Cultures

  • Provided training and support in Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

Dr. Sharroky Hollie - November 30, 2016

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