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ABI Parent Portal

Aeries ABI Video Tutorial for Parents


Click Here to Enter Aeries ABI Parent Portal


NOTE: Aeries Parent Grade Report can only be accessed from outside the VCUSD network

Aeries Browser Interface (ABI) Registration




ABI (Aeries Browser Interface) Account Registration



How to Register for VCUSD's ABI Parent/Student Access

The Parent ABI (Aeries Browser Interface) access is designed to allow parents and students access to their own information. This information is only accessible by knowing the student's ID number, telephone number, and verification code in addition to the parents email. By setting up an account and/or logging onto the ABI, you agree to abide by district rules and regulations.

** Use of this system and its services is strictly limited to authorized account holders ONLY.

All users are responsible for their student’s information codes and passwords. Users agree not to give anyone else their passwords, verification codes, or any other personal information that might enable an unauthorized user to access their student’s information. The district will not be responsible for unauthorized access if the user has not been careful with his/her information. Ways to protect your information include, but are not limited to the following suggestions:

  • Do not give anyone your password.

  • Do not write your password down. Do not put your password in a drawer near the computer. Do not write your password on a Post-It note and stick it to your monitor.

  • Close the browser when you are done. If you wish to continue to use the Internet, open a new browser window.

  • Do not choose a password that is easily guessed by someone else such as a spouse’s, child’s, grandchild’s, or pet’s name, birth date, anniversary date, address, Social Security number, etc. Suggestions on passwords include combinations of letters and numbers or capitals and lower case letters.

** Please make sure you have read and fully understand the terms, conditions, and responsibilities listed above.

In order to set up Parent ABI access, parents will need to obtain four pieces of information for each student in order to complete the account registration:

  • The Verification Pass Code (VPC) - This is a unique number for each student.

  • The student’s home phone number (TL) - The number must match the phone number on record for the student.

  • The student's permanent ID number (ID)

  • Parent Email

The entry of these four pieces of information must be completed for each student. Adding additional students may be done at a later date if desired.


Where does the Verification Pass Code (VPC) and Permanent ID number (ID) come from? The Verification Pass Code is a unique identifier for each student. This code is only accessible through the student's school office.

ABI Forms


1. Download and complete the Parent ABI Portal Request Form. When finished, please return to your child's school.

ABI Passcode Form-English

ABI Passcode Form- Spanish

2. ABI Account Tutorial

ABI Portal Directions


NOTE: Aeries Parent Grade Report can only be accessed from outside the VCUSD network