VCUSD Technology Moving Forward with a Living Plan.

Technology and Information Services

About Us

The Technology & Information Services (TIS) department supports Enterprise Technology Systems in alignment with VCUSD strategic goals and objectives. The responsibilities of the VCUSD Technology and Information Services Department include the following areas: Instructional Technology, Technology Training, Educational and Student Information Systems, Business Applications, Network, Voice/Data/Internet Systems, and Technical Support.

The technology department team is responsible for the management of the infrastructure, which includes managing and configuring routers and switches, and security/virus issues. Responsibilities include:  

  • Email services
  • Voice and communication systems
  • Database systems
  • Network infrastructures
  • Application systems
  • Local work stations and printers
  • Technology Management & Support
  • Manage servers, routers, switches, and software applications
  • Print servers
  • SQL servers
  • Student Information System
  • Network Security
  • Multimedia and Audio Visual systems
  • District website development and support

Click here to see the living plan of the VCUSD TIS Department.  This plan resides under the overarching goals of the VCUSD LCAP.

TIS Roster:

Lucius McKelvy - Director

Kathy Kimpel - Coordinator

Tina Corona-Geringer - Network Tech

Rich Stevenson - Network Tech

Winston Crump - Network Tech

Anabella Tabique - Comm Tech

Lori Anderson - Tech Trainer

Padma Dornadula - Data Specialist

Natasha Powers - Tech Clerk

Michael Decaires - Site Tech

Victor Donofrio - Site Tech

vacant - Site Tech

Jerry Parker Jr. - Site Tech

Mark Fabie - Site Tech

Jonathan Prewitt - Site Tech