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Welcome to the Energy Conservation Program

Contact Info:

Denise Brogan-Whitford
Energy Conservation, Administrative Services Manager

(707) 556-8921 Ext. 51471 or 50215

District Energy-Saving Tips


District Energy Conservation Program Locker

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All employees can effectively prepare future generations to live and work productively in our world.  One way to prepare our students is by “modeling the behavior,” in this case by reducing energy bills.  By keeping operating costs down, Vallejo City Unified School District can provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning while reducing wasted energy usage and conserving natural resources.  VCUSD is committed to decreasing energy consumption and anticipates a team effort from all employees to be “energy savers.”

Classroom / Building Energy Conservation Guidelines

Heating Season:  68°F - 72°F

Cooling Season:  74°F - 78°F



In celebration of Earth Day, Vallejo City USD students were asked to design a banner with an energy savings message. The First Place winners had their drawings placed on a banner, to be displayed at their school site. The First, Second and Third place winners received a 2 ft x 4 ft banner of their drawing. All of these drawings, plus tthe top 25 winners can be seen in the power point below. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to those who won.


As the Winter Break approaches, this is the time of year when the District has an opportunity to cut down utility expenses over a 16 day period while the buildings are empty (excluding Child Development locations). I have worked with the Managers of various departments throughout the District and the Winter Break Shutdown plan is in place.

Please take a moment to look around your area and turn off and unplug all electronic devices. When left plugged in, they do consume energy, so we ask that you unplug what you can. Please refer to the attached Staff Winter Shutdown Checklist for details.

I hope you enjoy the attached December 2012, Newsletter. Feel free to share ideas or contribute to the Energy Savings Corner!

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and restful break. Happy New Year and see you next year!


Denise Brogan-Whitford

Energy Conservation, Administrative Services Manager

Phone: (707) 556-8921 ext. 50215 or 51471









The Energy Conservation Program continues to make leaps and bounds towards energy efficiencies. Energy efficiency is important to Vallejo City USD because it is a way that we can use our resources more efficiently. Using our resources more efficiently not only contributes to lowering our ecological footprint, it also is part of good business practices. Leading by example teaches students the importance of being a good steward by conserving our earth’s precious resources.


On November 1stwe will begin our program’s 4thyear. Since 2009, we have avoided spending almost $2 million dollars in utility costs  and reached improvements in our energy efficiency by 22% district-wide! !


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded Vallejo City USD two of its top honors: ENERGY STAR  Leader and Overall Top Performer. We will be celebrating this honor at a board meeting in October. Many schools have earned the ENERGY STAR Building Certification and this will be celebrated at the board meeting, too!  If you have not yet gone onto the EPA’s website to see our accomplishments, click below:


Buildings & Plants Partner List Results: ENERGY STAR Leaders and Partner of the Year : ENERGY STAR


I hope you enjoy the attached newsletter and thank you for your continued support in conserving energy!


Have a great school year -




Denise Brogan-Whitford

Energy Education Specialist

Facilities, Maintenance & Grounds

(707) 556-8921 ext. 51471



Vallejo City USD is committed to doing their share to conserve energy throughout the year. Earth Day is a time to celebrate the 1.3 million dollars not spend on utility costs by having an energy conservation program in place over the past 27 months! Students were invited to participate in a poster contest. The top 3 winning posters have been reproduced and will be displayed throught the district. The 13 total winning posters selected, is attached.

Thank you to all staff and community members for encouraging our young students to participate. Thank you to all the sponsors who made this contest possible:

Island Energy, A1 Guaranteed Heating & Air, Inc., and Goodwin Consulting


Denise Brogan-Whitford, Energy Education Specialist

(707) 556-8921 ext. 51481


2012 Energy Conservation Winners

Slide01.png Slide02.png Slide03.png Slide04.png Slide05.png Slide06.png Slide07.png Slide08.png Slide09.png Slide10.png Slide11.png Slide12.png Slide13.png Slide14.png Slide01.png Slide02.png Slide03.png Slide04.png Slide05.png Slide06.png Slide07.png Slide08.png Slide09.png Slide10.png Slide11.png Slide12.png Slide13.png Slide14.png

VCUSD - Energy Conservation Program

as of April 23, 2014

Reached 3.1 Million Dollars in Avoided Utility Costs!!


Earth Day 2014 Governing Board

Earth Day 2014

2014 Earth Day Celebration

April 23, 2014 Governing Board Meeting

2014 - Energy Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Ken Anderson & Steve Salmon
Energy Conservation Award-Ken Anderson.jpg

Top 3 Bookmark Winners

First Place Winners (one from each age category)

Earth Day Bookmark Contest Winners - Wardlaw Elementary

Earth Day Bookmark Contest Winners - Wardlaw Elementary
Times Herald Interview2.JPG