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Mission Statement

Our mission is to invest in our Human Resources by providing our employees with complete and accurate information of the district sponsored benefit plans.  We perform these tasks by means of equity along with essential team members, Payroll and Human Resources, through professional courtesy, customer service and support.

Employee Benefits

Vallejo City Unified School District offers a generous and comprehensive benefits package to eligible employees and their eligible dependents.  There is a choice of three medical providers, two dental plan options, vision coverage, employee assistance program, and district-paid employee basic life insurance.

Employee contribution is required for eligible employees in paid status in monthly-salaried positions of half-time or more or 20 hours per week or more.  The district pays an Employer Contribution towards medical, dental and vision plans selected for these employees and their eligible dependents.  The district also pays the cost of basic life insurance for eligible employees.

The amount that an employee may be required to pay for coverage may change annually.  These amounts are announced during the Open Enrollment period held in September.  Any required employee contribution is made through automatic payroll deduction on a ten, eleven, and twelve month basis. 

Eligible Employees

Eligibility is based on tenure and time base of your qualifying appointment.  You must work at least half-time or more or 20 hours per week or more and have a permanent appointment or a "limited term" appointment with a duration of more than six months.  You have 60 days from the date of your initial appointment to enroll yourself or yourself and all eligible family members in a health plan. 

Eligible Family Members

The terms "family member" and "dependent" are used interchangeably.  Eligible family members include:

  • Spouse
  • Registered domestic partner
  • Children (natural, adopted, domestic partner's, or step) up to age 26 medical
  • Children, up to age 26, if the employee or annuitant has assumed a parent-child relationship and is considered the primary care parent
  • Children, up to age 25 for Vision Service Plan
  • certified disabled dependent children over age 26

Ineligible Employees

  • Those working less than half time or less than 20 hours per week. 
  • Those who appointment lasts less than six months. 
  • Those whose job classification is "Limited-Term intermittent" (seasonal or temporary).   
  • Those whose employer does not have a contract or has terminated its contract with CalPERS

Ineligible Family Members

  • Former spouses/former registered domestic partners
  • Children age 26 or older for medical and dental, Children age 25 or older for vision
  • Disabled children over age 26 who were never enrolled or who were deleted from coverage
  • Foster children
  • Children of a former spouse/former registered domestic partner
  • Grandparents
  • Parents

Effective Date of Coverage

The effective date is the first day of the month following the date your Benefits Specialist receives the Health Benefits Plan Enrollment form. 

Gillian Valenzuela

Interim Assistant Director of Finance
Phone: (707) 556-8921 Ext. 50048


Shelli Thompson
Benefits Specialist
Phone: 707-556-8921 Ext. 50016
Fax: 707-638-0316