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McKinney-vento resources

Student Services

About Us

The Student Services Department provides leadership to schools so each of our students will learn and successfully reach their goals. Efforts are focused on the District Goals in the areas of Equity, Excellence, Educational Effectiveness and Economic Sustainability.

Open-Enrollment (Intra-district transfer)

Open Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year (Intra-district transfers) is now open from March 8th-April 9th 2021 4:00PM only.  All applications received after the cut-off date will be considered LATE. If you wish to apply for your student to attend a school within the Vallejo-Unified School District other than their Home school →Homeschool Locator, you may apply for a Intra-district transfer here→ Transfers webpage.

Overflow information

When a new student requests enrollment in a grade in which there is no space at there home school, the student will be placed at an overflow school for that school year. Once the school year is over, the overflow student will be automatically rolled back to their home school→ Home school locator. NOTE: If you would like to stay at your overflow school, Please remember to apply for an Intra-district application during the “Open Enrollment Window” dates for the next school year in a timely manner.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education


Homelessness is not a crime! Information provided to the school district on a student's or family's living situation is confidential and is only used to determine the educational rights of students, supports and services.  

If you feel like you meet the criteria, please click on the button below to Apply

You can also speak to your home school site's Academic Support Provider regarding McKinney-Vento Applications, information and any additional support. 


Work Permits

Apply online for a work permit →  here



Open Enrollment 

March 8th-April 9th 2021 by 4:00pm 

(Transfer Within the Vallejo District Boundaries)

(Intra-District Transfer's)




Inter-District Transfer's

(Transfer Outside the Vallejo District Boundaries)


Complete and submit a Inter-district transfer Application on the Transfers page → here

Department Contacts

District Phone (707) 556-8921

Michael Santos

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services,
Title IX Coordinator
McKinney-Vento Liaison/Foster Youth Liaison 
Ext. 50160


Jessica Brown

Coordinator, Teacher Induction Program and Parent Complaints 

Ext. 50052


Stephanie Cummings
Secretary IV, Student Services
Ext. 50241