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Vallejo City Unified Expanded Learning Programs are funded by the After School Education and Safety grant from the California Department of Education.  This grant allows us to  provide enrichment, physical activity, academic support and nutritious meals for youth in grades K-8th at no cost to families. Please email the site coordinator for more information and/or questions.

When school is in session, programs run from after school until 6:00 pm daily.

Expanded Learning stands with our community against hatred, prejudice, racism, and police violence. Black Lives Matter.

Expanded Learning Programs

Site Coordinator Email (

Extension from 556-8921

Cooper Joseph Sutherland jsutherland 58343
Dan Mini Deborah Kim dkim 56843
Federal Terrace Adamasis Gonzales agonzales 56253
Glen Cove Diane Flowers dflowers 55952
Highland Dylan Collins ccollins 55645
Lincoln Tiffany DuBose tdubose 54119
Loma Vista Eddie Barragan ebarragan 58037
Mare Island Renee Collins rlcollins 57522
Patterson Brandon Yragui byragui 58628
Pennycook Lenesha Anderson lcanderson 59831
Steffan Manor Rosie Cruz rcruz 57121
Solano-Widenmann Kathy Headley kheadley 51882
Hogan Brandon Bray bbray 51403


Carol Lewis, Coordinator
556-8921, Ext. 50128

Email applications to the site coordinator at the school your child will attend. Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Site staff will contact you about your enrollment. 

Virtual Programs

We are currently offering  virtual enrichment activities for Vallejo youth while our schools are closed. Please contact the site coordinator at your child's school to learn more.

If your school does not have an ASES program, feel free to reach out to any of the sites that do. Any child in the district is free to participate in our virtual programs.


When schools reopen we will resume on-site programs.


Thank you for your patience.