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Standards-Based Reporting

VCUSD Aeries Gradebook Support Guide

  1. Overview of the Dashboard (document) (video)
  2. Copying a Gradebook Template (document) (video)
  3. Editing a Copied Gradebook (document) (video)
  4. Adding and Dropping Students (document) (video)
  5. Editing Assignments from a Copied Gradebook (document) (video)
  6. Entering Marks on an Assignment (document) (video)
  7. Loading a Report Card from Gradebook Pt. 1 (document) (video)
  7a. Loading a Report Card from Gradebook Pt. 2 (document) (video)
Aeries Online Demonstrations

Do you learn by breaking things and putting them back together?  Want a sandbox in which to play?  To practice using Aeries Gradebook, go to the Aeries Online Demos for further instructions. This is also a great place to get a glimpse of the Gradebook Portal that students and parents use to view attendance and grades.

Report Card Templates with Standards-Based Codes