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Meet Our Board

board members

R. Tony Gross, Board of Education
R. Tony Gross
Term: '18-'22


Christy Gardner, Board of Education
Christy Gardner
Vice President
Term '20-'24

John Fox, Trustee, Board of Education
John Fox
Term: '18-'22

Dr. Latyna Young
Dr. Latyna Young
Term: '20-'24

Dr. Tony Ubalde, Jr., Trustee
Dr. A. C. Tony Ubalde Jr.
Term: '18-'22

Vallejo City Unified School District: Vision Statement

Our Vision is for our diverse learners to be empowered, prepared, and equipped with academic and life skills needed to be productive citizens who can positively contribute to society,

Our Goal is for every student to have clear attainable pathways to career and/or college success.

In Support of our Vision, we will attract and retain highly qualified staff, as well as, leverage community resources to provide support systems for all their families.

Vallejo City Unified School District: Mission Statement

Our Mission is to meet or exceed our goals in the area of equity, excellence, educational effectiveness, and economic sustainability which determines our daily efforts. We will foster collaborative teamwork to accomplish these goals. We recognize that in order to be successful, we will build powerful home to school relationships that support the success of all students. Because safety is critical for each school campus; we will enforce high adult visibility and respond to student matters in a timely manner.

In order to assess whether students are meeting academic and social expectations, we will consistently monitor student progress using a variety of data: observations, walkthroughs, progress reports, test scores, etc. and commit to focusing our resources to best support our students.

Vallejo City Unified School District: Core Values

We Have Equity

  • Every adult is responsible for every student's success
  • Every student has the opportunity to learn and successfully reach their goals
  • Every student will be engaged in the learning process

We Value Excellence

  • We will recognize and celebrate excellence among students and staff members
  • We will have high expectations for ourselves and our students
  • Each student will have the opportunity to adapt and evolve into productive community members

We Value Educational Effectiveness

  • Every classroom will have an engaging learning environment
  • Every learning environment will be safe
  • Every adult and student will model honesty, integrity, and respect
Vallejo City Unified School District: Goals


  • All students performing at grade level in Mathematics and English Language Arts
  • All students passing local high school exams
  • Safe and supportive school environments for all students


  • All students graduating with A-G requirements met
  • Involved and supportive parents and community partners
  • Attract, retain and support excellent teachers, administrators and support staff

Educational Effectiveness

  • Achievement gap eliminated
  • Student attendance and enrollment rates increased
  • Dropout rate significantly decreased
  • Reduced referrals, suspensions and expulsions

Economic Sustainability

  • Actively pursue additional resources through grants and donations
  • Maintain positive budget certification
  • Ensure that Local Control Funding Formula expenditures impact Local Control Accountability Plan outcomes