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Board Agenda and Minutes

The purpose of the Board Agenda is to conduct the business of the School District. The Board of Education wishes the public to have the opportunity to be informed about discussions and possible actions in advance of the Board meeting. The Board Agenda is published in advance of each meeting and posted at each school site and the District’s Administrative Offices and on the District’s website. Members of the staff and public may also request to receive the Agendas and back up items, Staff Reports, electronically before each Board meeting. Email the Superintendent's office, click here to email requests to receive agendas and back-up items electronically before each Board meeting.

Board Agendas for regularly scheduled Board meetings are organized to provide opportunities for public comment on items not on the agenda and for public comment and Board discussion and action where noted for items listed on the agenda. Generally, items related to the District’s goals are scheduled early on the agenda to provide those attending the meeting with the opportunity to comment. Other routine items of business are scheduled later on in the agenda. The public is invited to comment on any agenda item by completing a Request to Comment card which is available at each Board meeting. The public may also request that an item be put on the agenda by calling 556-8921, extension 50002 to obtain a Board item request form.

The Agendas for Special Board meetings and Board Study Sessions are also provided in advance. Minutes are provided for all Board meetings. Generally, they are approved within one month of the Board meeting and can be obtained by clicking on the link in the "Locker" in the column to the right of this article.

Board Agendas, Minutes, and Staff Reports are available in the Agendas, Minutes, and Staff Reports Downloadable Files for each of the school years listed on the right. 

To request an agenda item click link, agenda item request.

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