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Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting function designed to add value and improve the district’s operations. The internal audit function provides the governing board and Superintendent with independent analyses, appraisals, and recommendations. It also helps the district to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management and control and governance processes. As a partner with management, the internal auditor serves as an in-house consultant on many issues of concern.

Fraud and Anonymous Hotline

What is Fraud?

Fraud includes a range of irregularities and illegal acts that are characterized by intentional deception. Anyone within the District who has reasonable suspicions of an alleged fraud or actual evidence of a fraud is responsible for reporting it. All employees have an obligation to ensure that the District is a well-controlled environment free from fraudulent or criminal activities.

How to Report Suspected Fraud

If you become aware of an alleged fraud, please contact the Risk Management Department.  If the fraud involves stolen or misappropriated assets (e.g. cash, property, equipment, etc.), you should contact the Anonymous Hotline

Fraud investigations are performed on a confidential basis and may involve the Internal Audit Department, the Department of Human Resources, and other areas of the District, as appropriate. 

Anonymous Hotline

The purpose of this form is to allow you to send a confidential message to the Director of Compliance and Audit concerning unethical conduct or non-professional business practices within the District System.  Your message is anonymous.  We will not know from where the message originates unless you choose to provide your contact information by filling out the optional contact information fields. If you wish to receive a response, please include either your email address or phone number.  If you do not enter your contact information, we will look into your concern but not be able to respond directly. 

The District Policy on Fraud establishes a high standard of ethical and professional conduct for its faculty, staff, student employees, and volunteers.  It encourages everyone to report potential, perceived, or suspected instances of fraud and strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone doing so.

Reporting Fraud
The Board of Education encourages you to provide the following information in your report:
a.  The name, position, and work location of the alleged perpetrator.
b.  A complete description of the alleged act.
c.  A description of how you discovered the alleged act.
d.  As closely as you can determine, the date and time that the alleged act occurred.
e.  As closely as you can determine, the value of the school system assets that have been compromised.
f.  The names of any supervisory personnel to whom you have previously reported the alleged act.  If none, so state.
g.  Your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. (optional)
Incomplete information may make it difficult or impossible to investigate your allegation(s). 
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Department Contacts

District phone 707-556-8921

Cleo Chaney
Director of Compliance and Audit
Ext. 50114

Laura Peraza
Accounting Analyst
Ext. 50050

Compliance and Audit Locker
8/8/11 12:30 PM