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Apply for a Transfer

For School Year 2020-2021 Transfer


Open Enrollment
(Intra-district Transfer)
(Within the Vallejo District Boundaries) 

NOTE: 2020-2021 (Intra-district transfers) Open Enrollment have (CLOSED) ended. They were from March 2-April 10, 2020.

NOTE: Please check back March 2021 to apply for the 2021-2022 School year!

If you wish to apply for your child to attend a school within the Vallejo City Unified School District other than their home school of residence, you may apply for Open enrollment (Intra-district) Transfer.

Please understand that Intra-district Transfers are based on available space at school site and can fill up quick, which is why it is important to apply during the Open Enrollment period.


NOTE: 2021-2022 Inter-district Transfer applications are now available. 

Inter-District Transfers
(Outside the Vallejo District Boundaries)

Please complete and Submit a online Inter-district Transfer Application form located to the right of this page. Make sure to click on the correct school year in which you are applying for.

NOTE: Please make sure you also read the VCUSD (Board Policies) 1-11 located on the second page of the out of the district transfer application. You would need to meet at least one of these board policies to move forward.

If you have any questions about transfers you may send them to the email below or fax 707.638.3571

Transfer Application Forms


(Within the Vallejo District Boundaries)


(Outside the District Boundaries)


(Outside the District Boundaries)