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Report an Absence


An Overview of Attendance Accounting

§  The attendance policy intends to reflect the importance of student participation in daily classroom activities.  A vital part of the educational process is the student’s personal interaction with the teacher and his/her peers.  Excessive absences also put an extra burden on the student and the teacher in attempting to make up missed work.  Excessive tardiness is a disruption to the teacher and other students when class is in session.

§  State law severely restricts parent/guardian rights to excuse a student from school (Ed. Code 48205). Parents/guardians are advised they may not legitimately excuse students from school except for reasons of illness or injury, a medical appointment, quarantine, jury duty, or death in the immediate family.  Absences for any other reason are classified by law as unexcused.  A parent/guardian may be required to validate a reason for absence of a student.  A student may not be able to make up work missed because of an unexcused absence.   If a student is going to be absent for any reason the parent must notify the Attendance Office by note or telephone call.

Absence Notification

Students who are absent should notify the school by either:  Email or Written Note.  Write a note or email with the following information and turn it in to your

  • The Name of the student was written
  • The date note was written.
  • The date and periods of absence.
  • The reason for the absence.
  • The parent’s name, address and telephone.

Absences not cleared within three school days (72 hours) following the student’s return to school are considered Unexcused Absences. Consequences may include detention, Saturday school and/or In-House suspension. After previous interventions, excessive cutting is considered defiance, and students may be suspended. According to state law, excused absences from school are defined as:

  • Illness and quarantine
  • Medical, dental, or optometric chiropractic services rendered
  • Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family. (A maximum of one day for in-state and three days for out-of-state services are allowed.)
  • Religious commitment.
  • Jury duty/court appearance.
  • Justifiable personal or family emergency
  • All other absences are UNEXCUSED including needed at home, vacation, missed the bus, vacation, went to D.M.V., etc.