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Welcome to Student Support Services

Student Support Services seeks to implement best practices for student support and intervention, programmatic quality and excellence, and support for positive school cultures that lead to equitable outcome for all students.

  • STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES provides leadership to schools so each of our students will learn and successfully reach their goals. 
  • SECONDARY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES supports the implementation of regular academic progress, lead the consistent monitoring of students' academic and social progress, and celebrate excellence among students and staff members.
  • SPECIAL EDUCATION goal is to extend an opportunity for our students with disabilities to remain instructionally and emotionally engaged in order to maintain academic skills during extended school closures.  The department is prioritizing the delivery of instruction and related services as stated in the student’s Individual Education Program through distance learning and tele-practice. Students with disabilities will continue to  access their Individualized Education Program to the maximum extent possible. 
  • TEACHER INDUCTION PROGRAM is a State-approved Induction Program that offers a two-year job-embedded development experience to first and second-year teachers. Those who participate in the program learn to expertly tailor their teaching to maximize student learning opportunities while clearing their Preliminary California Teaching Credential.



Araceli Gabriel, Secretary IV
Phone: 707 556-8921 Ext. 50135

  Jessica Brown Coordinator of School Support
  Rachel Chang Director, Special Education
  Michael Santos Assistant Superintendent