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 Monday - Friday 

 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Support Staff:

For assistance with registration, transportation, interpreters, records request: 

Shavay Hatter
Special Education Secretary
Ext. 50149


College Resources

Services and Financial Aid for College Students with Disabilities
 Access to College Disability Services

Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

Special Education

About Us

     The Department for Special Education and the Vallejo City SELPA provides leadership to schools so that all students will have educational success.  We focus on District Goals in the areas of Equity, Excellence, Educational Effectiveness and Economic Sustainability.  We help ensure that Vallejo's students with special needs are given the support they need in general education and can also access, as needed, a continuum of specialized instruction through their Individualized Education Program (IEP).  As per Federal Law, the specialized instruction should always meet the unique needs of the student, in all areas of suspected disability, and be reasonably calculated to provide educational benefit in the least restrictive environment.

Special Education Assistance:

District Phone Number
(707) 556-8921
Special Education Fax Number
1 (707) 638-3548


Question or Concerns:


Next Meeting Date: 

February 25, 2021 5:30pm via Virtual

Agenda: February 25, 2021

Location:  Google Hangout 


Meeting Minutes:

Behavior Needs:

If your are seeking behavior assistance:

Policy and Guidelines for Request for Special Circumstances Individual Assistance (SCIA) and Classroom Support Aides

For Questions Contact:

Michele Morrison-Mosbarger
Special Education Coordinator Ext. 50290

Department Contacts

Administrative Staff


Rachel Chang, Director of Special Education

Rachel Chang
Director Special Education/SELPA

Franstina Moore
Special Education Director Secretary
Ext. 50157

Sally Sweatfield  
Assistant Director 
Ext. 50156 

Jessica Farrand
Secondary Program Specialist
Ext. 50208

Mary Martin
Elementary Program Specialist
Ext. 50127

AJ (Kevin) Goines
 Everest Administrator/Program Specialist John Finney Complex 
Ext. 50169

Carla Gayden
   Exceptional TOTs/ Preschool Assessments Program Specialist
Ext. 50134

Joyce Montgomery
Transition Services Supervisor
Ext. 50722

Victoria Galbert
CCEIS Plan & PAXIS Program
Ext. 50153

Annie Medina
Student Data Specialist for SELPA/ SEIS
Ext. 50159